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Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties: One of the key advantages of using silver in paint is its antimicrobial properties. Silver ions can kill various types of bacteria and fungi, thus making the painted surfaces hygienic and reducing the risk of microbial infection.

  1. Durability: Silver-based paints can increase the durability of the surface, as they inhibit the growth of microbes that can degrade the material over time.

  2. Odor Reduction: By inhibiting microbial growth, silver-based paints can also help control odors that might otherwise be caused by bacteria and fungi.

  3. Preserves Aesthetics: Microbial growth can often lead to discoloration and surface degradation. By preventing this, silver in paint can help maintain the aesthetics of the painted surface for a longer time.


Common Questions

What is standard delivery time within the lower 48 states?

We ship via FedEx and we ship everyday. Most colors are created and shipped within 24 hours. You can select to have FedEx Ground, 2Day or Overnight.

Is Aether Vernice Environmentally Friendly?

Aether Vernice focuses solely on purity by being Zero VOC, APEO Free and a completely water based system.

Unparalleled Customization: Craft your unique color story, seamlessly tailored to your desires.

Silver Symphony: Indulge in the gleaming purity of real silver.

Diamond Dust: Experience a sparkle reminiscent of a thousand stars with our genuine diamond-infused paint.

Golden Elegance: Wrap your space in the warmth and opulence of authentic gold.

Platinum Prestige: For an unmatched luster, bathe your walls in the brilliance of real platinum.

Palladian Poise: Cherish the rare allure of palladium.

Rhodium Radiance: Grace your interiors with the unparalleled sheen of rhodium.

Craft Your Sheen:
From the subdued elegance of Matte to the rich depth of Gloss, choose your sheen:

  • Matte: The understated luxury, velvety and muted.
  • Eggshell: A hint of luster, blending subtlety with sophistication.
  • Satin: The balanced sheen, smooth with a gentle glow.
  • Gloss: Bold and reflective, for those who dare to shine.