Eggshell Paint with .999 fine Silver, Diamond, Gold, Platinum and Palladium.

Transform Your Home with Real Silver, Diamond, Gold, and Platinum Interior Paint. Buy Luxury, Not Plastic.

Eggshell Paint Colors

The perfect eggshell paint blended with real precious silver, gold, diamond, platinum, palladium and other precious material. Eggshell finishes can give you a lustrous matte finish.

Custom Eggshell Paint Coatings

We have 1000s of colors waiting for their forever home. Let us create the perfect custom color for your life design style.


Find Your Custom Color

Lets us help you find the perfect color of your dreams. We will create a 1 of a kind formulation laced with real precious metals, gems or any other exquisite material you deisre. Buy one or create a collection for your portfolio.

Secure Your Ownership

Aether Vernice lcoks your ownership information into an immutable ledger storing your color creation and proving your ownership.We send you a complete certificate package and digital keys.

Earn Royalties for Your Creation

Feature your color creation in our private collection and earn a 10% royalty return on all purchase of your color. Display your collection as an extension of your design portfolio and give your clients something unique.