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Antibacterial silver, often referred to as antimicrobial silver (since its effects are not limited to bacteria), is a term that describes the use of silver in various forms to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses. It has a long history of usage due to its effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial qualities. Here's everything you need to know about it, from its mechanism of action to its applications and concerns regarding its use.

Mechanism of Action:
The antimicrobial effect of silver stems from its ability to disrupt key cellular processes in microbes.

  1. Cell Membrane Disruption: Silver ions (Ag+) can interact with the membranes of bacterial cells, causing damage that increases permeability and leads to cell lysis and death.
  2. Interaction with Proteins and Enzymes: Silver ions can bind to proteins and enzymes within the bacterial cell, denaturing them and inhibiting their function. This includes binding to proteins responsible for managing the cell's shape, integrity, and vital biochemical pathways.

Forms and Applications:
Antimicrobial silver is used in various forms and across numerous applications, including:

  1. Medical Field: Silver is used in wound dressings, creams, and as a coating material for medical devices like catheters, endotracheal tubes, and even in sutures to prevent the risk of infection.
  2. Water Treatment: It helps in disinfecting water, particularly in systems used in spacecraft or areas where there's limited access to regular disinfection methods.
  3. Textile Industry: Silver nanoparticles are incorporated into fabrics for sportswear, military uniforms, and hospital linens to provide antimicrobial protection.
  4. Consumer Products: Many personal care products, including creams, sprays, and hand sanitizers, have silver compounds for added antimicrobial protection.
  5. Food Storage: It's used in certain food storage containers to slow the growth of mold and bacteria, prolonging the shelf life of the contents.
How can I earn royalties from my color?

Silver, known for its antimicrobial properties, has been incorporated into Aether Vernice paints to create surfaces that actively inhibit the growth of microorganisms. This application has become particularly popular in environments where hygiene is a critical concern, such as hospitals, laboratories, food preparation areas, and other sensitive environments. Below is an explanation of how silver is used in paint to achieve antimicrobial properties:

1. Incorporation of Silver Compounds or Nanoparticles:
Aether Vernice uses a proprietary process to infuse our specially selected silver material our already Zero VOC and APEO Free coatings. Silver nanoparticles are especially favored due to their increased surface area, which enhances their interaction with microbes.

2. Mechanism of Action:
When microbes come into contact with the silver-infused paint, the following occurs:

  • Ionization Process: Silver ions (Ag+) are bioactive and tend to be released from the surface of the silver particles when in the presence of moisture, which is often the case on surfaces where microbes are present. These ions are what's responsible for the antimicrobial activity.
  • Interaction with Microbes: Silver ions have the ability to bind to cellular enzymes of the bacteria, inhibiting their activity. This interaction disrupts critical functions inside microbial cells, like energy production, nutrient intake, and replication. The result is either the death of the microbial cells or significant inhibition of their growth.
  • Disruption of Biofilm Formation: Microbes often create a protective layer known as a biofilm, which helps them attach to surfaces and enhances their resistance to antimicrobial agents. Silver ions can prevent the formation of these biofilms, making the microbes more vulnerable to antimicrobial action.

3. Applications and Effectiveness:
The effectiveness of silver-infused paint in preventing microbial growth has led to its widespread use in various critical areas:

  • Healthcare Settings: Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare environments use silver-based paint to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections, especially in high-risk areas like operating rooms and intensive care units.
  • Food Industry: Facilities where food is processed or stored use these paints to prevent microbial contamination, aiding in compliance with hygiene standards.
  • Residential and Public Spaces: Increasingly, silver-based paints are being used in damp or mold-prone areas of homes and in public spaces like schools and gyms, where bacteria and fungi are likely to proliferate.
How does Aether Vernice make my color valuable?

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Explain "Zero VOC" and "APEO Free".

Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds):
VOCs are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature, causing them to significantly vaporize and enter the indoor (and outdoor) air.

Zero VOC Paints: "Zero VOC" paints are formulated to contain few or no volatile organic compounds. Technically, "zero" is a bit of a misnomer because under current regulations, paints can still contain trace amounts of VOCs (usually less than 5 grams per liter) and be labeled as "Zero VOC." Aether Vernice uses NO VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS. 100% FREE.

APEO-Free (Alkylphenol Ethoxylates Free):
APEOs are surfactants used in a wide range of products, including paints and coatings. They help in stabilizing latex particles, wetting surfaces, and dispersing pigments. However, APEOs, particularly nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), have been flagged for their potential health and environmental hazards. They are known endocrine disruptors and can be harmful to aquatic life.

APEO-Free Paints: These are formulations that do not use APEOs as part of their ingredients. They might use alternative surfactants that do not have the environmental and health profiles of APEOs.


Can I sell my color ownership?

Yes, of course! Over time your color will become even more rare. Another benefit is you don't have to sell it through Aether Vernice. its completely privately owned by you.

We can help in the process of verifying its authenticity and featuring your color within our Private Collection if desired.

Can I create a collection?

Collections are a great way to create a brand or showcase a designer's palette. You can feature your color collections for business and creative projects targeting both personal and commercial use.

What about collections for interior designers, architect firms and luxury real estate?

We encourage designers and creators to build their color palette collection with Aether Vernice to take advantage of the investment and return opportunities. Claiming your custom color palette allows for a significant ROI on your custom color sales. It also gives you that level of exclusivity to help you retain a greater client base.

What are the shipping options?

We ship via FedEx and DHL with tracking and signature required. Most orders are shipped within 24hrs. Expect 48hrs for international orders. US orders have the option of Ground, 2Day and Overnight shipping.

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