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Fine precious coatings and custom colors.

Aether Vernice creates the finest precious coatings for the most luxurious environments. Explore our expansive catalogue of over 1k unique and exotic creations.

My Custom Color by Aether Vernice allows you to create your own unique color. We can produce the finest .999 precious formulation exclusively for you.

Create Your Bespoke Color and Label.

Create Your Own Custom Color

Find out more about creating your own custom color. Use our detailed custom order form.

Create Your Own Catalogue

We can design the complete package including color palettes and product design.

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.999 Fine Precious Nano Material

Real Precious Formulations

Aether Vernice is the original and only creator of precious material paints and coatings. All our creations have real .999 fine precious materials.


Download MSDS and Application Info for all our products and coatings.

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