Eggshell Paint

Eggshell Paint

Aether Vernice Eggshell Paint redefines excellence in decorative finishes. Leveraging the power of nano silver produced by laser ablation, it guarantees superior anti-microbial protection. The infusion of precious metals in the coatings imparts a mesmerizing sheen, while its unparalleled custom color-matching capability ensures that every hue is tailored to individual preferences. Aether Vernice promises not just coverage, but artistry and protection in every stroke.

What is Eggshell Paint? We have been creating the original Eggshell paint color for over a century using the classic formulation and enhanced with modern performance characteristics.

Why Custom Eggshell Paint?

Uniquely Yours. Why settle for off-the-shelf when you can have custom? Aether Vernice isn't just another paint. It’s an expression of YOU. Tailored to your taste, your style, your home.

Limitless Palette.  Ever tried to find that perfect shade but always felt it was just a little off? With our custom blending, that’s history! Whether you're inspired by the subtle tones of a sunrise or the vibrant hues of your favorite scarf, we'll recreate it flawlessly.

One-of-a-Kind Decor: With Aether Vernice, your walls become conversation starters. Instead of "Where did you buy that?" it’ll be "How did you even think of that shade?!" Stand out in the sea of sameness.

Perfect Match: Need to touch up a unique shade from years ago or match your wall to a specific piece of furniture? Bring us a sample, and our advanced color-matching technology ensures an impeccable match every time.

Adaptive Aesthetics: Our eggshell finish not only hides wall imperfections but also brings out the richness of your custom color, reflecting light subtly and making spaces come alive.

Eco and Health Conscious. As passionate as we are about color, we're equally passionate about the planet and your well-being. Our custom paints are Zero VOC, minimizing environmental impact.

Expert Consultation. Unsure about which shade will elevate your space? Our seasoned color consultants are on standby, ready to guide you through the infinite spectrum of possibilities.

Illuminate and Elevate. The soft sheen of our eggshell finish interacts beautifully with light. Whether natural sunlight or cozy ambient lighting, watch your custom shade dance and adapt, creating moods as dynamic as you.

With Aether Vernice, your walls don't just get color; they get character. Dive into the world of custom shades where the only limit is your imagination. Paint not just with colors, but with stories, memories, and dreams. Choose Chameleon Canvas and let your walls speak the language of YOU!