Create your own custom color and design art for your showcase or clients.

Send us your design along with your custom color request and we will add your art work to a paint can, tin or product.

Bring excitement to your style

Your Color and Art

Create your own color, complete with its unique formulation and signature art. Showcase the art that inspired your color choice.

A NEW way to market

Showcase Your Brand

Aether Vernice allows you to market your brand in a new way. Allow your customers to bring enjoy your creations.

Feature your unique color Palette

Standout and Be Seen

Create a product group that is exclusively yours. Select your own color palettes and group them for easy client access.

signature style

Expand Your Influence

Take your influence to the next level by creating a signature color palette. Let Aether Vernice create the most luxurious coatings that feature your distinct look. Earn royalties through the sales of your exclusive color selection.

Favorite sport and color

Your Team Color

Unleash the power of Aether Vernice. Create a Custom Color for Your Team's Unique Image.

A color palette for any industry

Choose Your Style and Design

Design your color and container. Choose from gallon, quart, 8oz can or tin. You can even choose metal or plastic gallon container, 100% recyclable, with or without ears and handles. You can even specify label finish. Glossy, matte, velvet art, and more.

Aether Vernice Exclusive

Contact us to discover some of our more exclusive creations, formulations, and limited productions. Don't miss an opportunity to own your bespoke visual experience.

Create a Custom Color for Any Occasion.

Special Occasion

Save that special moment with the gift of color.

Create Your Own Influence

Take advantage of the unique brand you've created.

Lock in your Creation

Ignite the spirit of competition with personalized colors for your league.

Own Your Color & Earn Royalties.

Aether Vernice enables you to create the exact color that represents you or your brand.
Allow others to purchase your selected color while earning royalties.
We record your color choice and ownership data through a private blockchain security and NFT service. This ledger publicly proves your are the owner of the color exclusively produced by Aether Vernice.
We secure the collections of designers, artists and creators from around the globe. Aether Vernice gives them an exclusive edge over their creative control.

World Direct Contact


Phone US EST - 1 . 888 . 673 . 7001